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If we will confess, properly,
with our mouths, salvation will come
(according to Rom. 10:10, etc.).  Therefore,
we have made the following available,
for everyone on the planet:


My “confession of faith” is now the following:
Whatever I say, believing, shall be done; and
whatever I pray for, believing, I shall receive.
And, I believe.  So, that’s why I say what I say,
and pray what I pray.  And, by the grace of God,
my life will never be the same, because (repeat)…

[Note:  The above “confession of faith” is based on
the following scriptures (found in the New Testament):
Matthew 17:14-21, Matthew 21:17-22, and Mark 11:20-24 ‐‐
and, is used by permission (© 2012, Timothy Middlebrook).


You can order a document, containing the above text, for FREE,
or you can order business cards (with the above written on them),
which you can give away, as gifts, to people that you wish to help
(for which ordering business cards there must be a charge).


For More Information
Please Call … (888) YY ‐ JESUS … (Voice Mail)

may God bless you,
and yours, and all of us.
Help us, Lord.

P.S.  You may order a full-size document, containing the above text, by providing us with your email address; and you may also take a look at that document (which we hope to ultimately make available, to you, for free), by clicking here, or by clicking on the Free Downloads link, that is found to the left.  You may also wish to order My “Confession of Faith” Business Cards (which you can give away, and for which there must be a charge), by clicking here, or by clicking on the Place Orders link, that is also found to the left.  We hope that you, and many others will be able to “benefit,” from God’s wonderful PROMISES, that are found in the “written” Word of God, because of what we refer to, as My “Confession of Faith,” and because we (as the children of God) both “hear,” and “do” the Word of God (see Luke 8:19-21), and because Non-Believers will observe us “hearing” it, and “doing” it, and also “benefiting” from it, and more.  Remember:  We can only share, what we have.  Therefore, let’s get things, and have them, and keep them, and enjoy them, and share them.  And, may the true, and the “living” God bless you, and yours, and all of us.  Help us, Lord.  Amen.


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